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June 05

Ghosts of Comics’ Past – Comic Distro

[This article was originally posted in Multiversity Comics]

Multiversity’s history column is breaking format a bit this week. Instead of scanning multiple events from decades ago, I’m going to follow up on a recent event. Today marks the one-year anniversary of Comic Distro, a distributor with a revolutionary approach to supplying products. Where did it come from, how has it grown since its launch, and what future does it have?

The roots of Comic Distro stretch back to 1979 in Houston, Texas, when founder Austin Osueke was born. His early years were spent making his own comics based on animation and comic strip characters, but he wasn’t introduced to comic books until his mom bought him a copy of “Uncanny X-Men” #283 in late 1991, right after he turned 12. Before long, he discovered “Wizard” magazine and was the target audience for the industry boom in the early 1990s. The formation of Image in 1992 made a major impact on Osueke, inspiring him to be his own publisher one day. Read more from Multiversity Comics.