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December 01

Crowdfunding For Mobile Game

eigoMANGA is currently development a mobile fighting game for Vanguard Princess. A Crowdingfunding Campaign is planned for the successful creation of the game.

Learn more and support the campaign at

Info About Vanguard Princess Mobile Game

- Developed for Android devices with plans for iOS

- Touch controls, compatible with game controllers and arcade fight sticks through USB

- 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio

- Multiplayer is developed with Photon Unity Network 2 (PUN2) with plans for Bluetooth

- Frame Delay and Rollback Netcode

- 10 classic characters

- Additional stages, additional music

- Classic and additional artwork

- FPS, graphics, and media assets are optimized for mobile devices

- Multiple levels of Fuzzy Logic / AI for enemy decision making

- Developed in Unity

Learn more and support the campaign at

Learn more and support the campaign at