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June 21

Comic Republic Signs Film And TV Production Deal

[This article was originally posted in The Hollywood Reporter]

Nigeria's Comic Republic, Africa's largest publisher of independent comic books, has signed a production deal with Emagine Content and JackieBoy Entertainment to adapt its catalog of African superheroes for film and TV.

Comic Republic publishes such African-based titles as Ireti, the story of a university student in Ibanda, Nigeria blessed with superpowers, Aje, a fantasy title inspired by Yoruba spirituality and mysticism, and The Vanguards, which focuses on an Avengers-style team of superheroes. Most of the publisher's titles are rooted in traditional African mythology, folktales, and culture.

The companies said the goal of the new venture will be to "portray a positive global influence of Africa and negate previous misconceptions." Read more from The Hollywood Reporter.