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November 10

Aaron Dalton, here.... This is MIDNIGHT SHADOWS!

Hello friends, greetings! 

Aaron Dalton, here.....and this is my introduction to Comic Distro!

I'm pretty stoked to be here and to be apart of this community. At an young age, I realized the pleasure writing brought me! And I've been immersed into the craftsmanship of storytelling ever since. The horror genre is my favorite; and I especially enjoy suspense horror. I'm a sucker for old school horror. The anthology series called, Night Gallery, definitely comes to mind quite often.  I have took a stab at writing novels and even published one back in the spring of 2021; and although I enjoyed that process as well..... Nothing has compared to the pleasure this project has given me!  And we all must love comics or none of us would be here, huh? That's what I'd like to introduce you horror/suspense comic!


An comic book series, three years in the making, and it originates from an organic place. I grew up in a small town that had it's share of ghost tales and myths....even a few tragic ones. But in addiction to that, Midnight Shadows, draws inspiration from my personal life as well as just relatable everyday challenges. I am fortunate to have a great collaborator, Victor Pinelo, working with me on Midnight Shadows. We both share the same enthusiasm and compassion for the craft and our commitment is steady and ambitious. 

In the years to come, it's my goal to build a brand around AD PUBLISHING

Midnight Shadows is only the beginning.....  Lets keep the pages turning! 

Issue One will soon launch, meanwhile, Victor and I are already moving along with issues two and three of this small town odyssey!

January 4th is the intended release date for our debut issue; and the second issue will follow in March, and May will bring the third. HOWEVER, AD Publishing are going to make Issue One available on Comic Distro November 2022

I'm excited to share this story with any reader that'll turn the page.... And with three story arcs in mind, and potentially more to follow, Midnight Shadows will be around for awhile as long as the support is here. In advance, I appreciate your consideration in picking up some copies and offering feedback. 

I can be reached at and Midnight Shadows also has an promotional page on FACEBOOK. 

Midnight Shadows begins with an six issue story arc called, "2 After Midnight," and it'll function much like a whodunit? story, but tangled with supernatural surprises along the way.

If you did..... Thank you kindly for reading this and I do hope to hear from you. Please consider following along as Victor and myself adds our contribution to the realm of comics and storytelling. 

Aaron Dalton

November 10th, 2022