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November 25

Midnight Shadows: Issue Two

Hello everyone, 

Hopefully you all had a great Thanksgiving with friends and love ones!! While joining a friend and his family for the holiday in Kentucky, we stopped by Cynthiana. Have any of you been? 

Being a fan of The Walking Dead, naturally I had to swing by Robert Kirkman’s old home place. 

Well….what brings me on here today is to inform our retailer friends that MIDNIGHT SHADOWS issue two is coming along very well. I’m very pleased with Victor Pinelo page layouts and I wanted to show off the cover!!

We both give great assurance that Midnight Shadows will be around…. And I’m especially excited for what’s coming! 

Issue Two will take the narrative and art to a greater level of suspense and thrills with each new turn of the page! 

Issue One is now available; and Issue Two will be available as soon as February-March! 

Thanks for reading and for your consideration in supporting Midnight Shadows! 💀

- Aaron Dalton