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About Us

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Our Mission: To enable comic publishers and retailers to be successful in the business of comics.

Comic Distro provides a solution for comic book publishers looking to sell their publications directly to comic book retailers. Comic Distro bypasses the traditional direct-market comic book distribution system and allows for publishers and retailers to directly engage with each other.

"We aim to democratize the business of comic book distribution to be more accessible and practical for comic book publishers and retailers."

- Austin Osueke, Founder

Comic book publishers upload their files to Comic Distro. They set the pricing and printing details of their book(s). Retailers visit Comic Distro to discover and buy comic books for their stores. Toledo Global Services, is an established comic book printing company that handles the orders, printing, and shipping of comic books to stores.

Publishers are notified whenever their book(s) are sold; from there they log in to Comic Distro to access real-time sales reports and receive payment from Comic Distro.

Comic Distro provides other resources on the platform such as the ability for comic book publishers and retailers to directly communicate with each other through messaging.

Comic book publishers and retailers can also post articles about their businesses and projects for additional visibility.

Comic Distro's operational model is dedicated and solely focused on the comic book industry‚ĒĀthe publishers, the printers, and the retailers.

  • Easy to use.
  • Get to market fast.
  • Keep control.
  • Make more money.
  • Grow your business.

The traditional direct-market comic book distribution system often exposes comic book retailers to many financial risks and operational challenges; they also cripple the ability for a comic book publisher to operate as a sustainable business. Comic Distro is the platform where comic book publishers and retailers can directly work together and build their comic businesses.

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