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June 15

Award-Winning Manga Artist Chang Sheng Will Make A Rare Appearance At San Diego Comic-Con

Award-Winning Manga Artist Chang Sheng Will Make A Rare Appearance At San Diego Comic-Con

Comic book publisher eigoMANGA and Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles are pleased to welcome manga artist Chang Sheng to Comic-Con International: San Diego 2023, the nation's largest comics convention. Chang Sheng will showcase his award-winning graphic novel manga series, "Oldman."

Based in Taiwan, Chang Sheng is the creator of "Oldman," as well as "The Hidden Level," "Baby," and "Yan." "Oldman" and Chang Sheng's other works have been released worldwide; translated into English, French, Japanese, and Korean. These titles have won awards such as the International Manga Award in Japan, the Kyoto International Manga Award, and the Golden Comic Award. His recent manga publication, "Yan," has concluded and is currently being adapted into a film for a 2024 release.

The "Oldman" manga series is about a beautiful queen who rules her country with an iron fist. Unmarried and without an heir, she adopts orphans as a way to prove that even commoners can reign as kings. Yet, as the years progress, she shows no sign of aging. Only one man knows the dark secret to her eternal youth: Oldman, a bearded magician the queen has locked in her darkest dungeon. One night, Oldman steps through the bars of his prison and disappears before the queen's very eyes. Enraged, she sends her army after him in a desperate campaign to keep her secret hidden.

During his escape, Oldman rescues a neighboring prisoner, an outlaw sword maiden who has had her arms and legs amputated. Upon taking her to a brilliant doctor who fits her with mechanical limbs, Oldman and the sword maiden vow to take revenge on the queen who wronged them, all the while evading the royal army as the queen launches a desperate campaign to keep her secret hidden.

Chang Sheng will make a special in-person appearance at eigoMANGA's booth (#1802) at Comic-Con International: San Diego on Friday, July 21, from 4:00-5:00pm to meet fans and sign autographs. Additionally, Chang Sheng will take part in a panel discussion at Comic-Con International: San Diego called "Writing for Comics and Manga" in order to share his artistry and his creative approach to creating manga titles. This panel is scheduled on Thursday, July 20, from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM in Room 29AB.