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February 25

Midnight Shadows: The small town odyssey continues…

As the dead of Winter draws to an end and the promise for Spring is felt getting closer with each passing day; Aaron Dalton’s AD Publishing is excited to be keeping our own promise coming this Spring!! 

Hello again, I am Aaron Dalton, an indie comic creator…although I am not new to writing, I am to the realm of comics. 

(Pictured above with a copy of my debut psychological horror thriller, Madness Untold.) 

With the beginning of a new year also brought this new creative endeavor that has came with some trial and error; but Victor Pinelo (the artist) on the project and myself are very pleased with what we call…. MIDNIGHT SHADOWS! 

I have chosen to share a few questions that I’ve been asked with my answers: 

Interview Q & A 

Q) So… I haven’t heard of Aaron Dalton. Who are you? 

A) Yes, I’m the new face in town. Just a guy here that loves telling stories and I love horror the best! 

Q) So…. You are what? The next Edger Allen Poe? 

A) Oh hardly. No; but I am someone trying to make a worthy contribution among others like Poe, Stephen King, Michael Connelly, and Robert Kirkman! 

Q) Funny you mention Mr Kirkman, huh? Because your current project is a comic book, right? 

A) Yes! Midnight Shadows is the book’s title. It’s a suspense and horror comic series that tells a story about a set of characters within a small town drop. I like to think of it as Twin Peaks in comics! 

Q) So this Midnight Shadows… it’ll have murder, blood and guts? That kind of thing, right? 

A) Well… yes, but in moderate levels. At its core I want to tell stories about people with issues, some of the relatable stuff. This comic series will definitely touch on the trauma of physical and emotional abuse, homophobia, and the weight and harm of judgeful eyes. And much more! But all of this will be tangled into a small town odyssey filled with elements beyond the natural realm. 

Q) So Aaron, how dark do you plan for Midnight Shadows to be? Can you say at this point? 

A) I can say! Yes, Midnight Shadows is going to be dark, and get darker as the layers unravels. The book will in a way pull the Invincible move. 

Q) What do you mean by that? 

A) Well, if there are any Invincible fans tuning in, they’ll know that the Invincible comic began as more of an all age book. However, the series shifted and became a drastically different book a few issues into its run. BUT, it won’t take a few issues before Midnight Shadows embraces its darker tendencies! Issue Two will begin that shift very quickly; and the third issue is simply incredible… I can’t wait. 

This March will bring the release for our 2nd issue of Midnight Shadows and we couldn’t be more excited for the 3rd issue coming this Summer! 

The mystery behind the murder of a prominent businessman will continue a nightmare for college freshman Stephen Worley; and the possibility of a serial killer that stalks at midnight looms over the town of Timberwood.

Thanks for the support, 

- Aaron Dalton 💀🖋️

Feb 25 2023