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June 07

The Steve Cobb Interview

T2S Creator Interview

Steve Cobb

We recently had an opportunity to explore the nightmarish mind of artist and two-time HIEROGRAPH contributor Steve Cobb. We asked him the same inane questions we ask everyone. Here's what he had to say:

Twenty2Six: Tell us a little about yourself.

Steve Cobb: My name is Steve Cobb and I draw my Nightmares. I’m also a Comic book colorist and Graphic Designer. 

T2S: How long have you been an artist?

SC: Like most I have been at this art thing for most of my life. Never could put the pen down growing up.

T2S: How did you get into illustrating comics in the first place?

SC: I Started as an intern coloring comics and comic related stuff early on and picked up a few illustration projects along the way. That helped me open up a little more with my own projects

T2S: What advice would you give an artist looking to do similar work?

SC: Never ever stop. Find your greatness.

T2S: Is there a particular genre you prefer to work in, or do you prefer genre hopping? If so, what have you learned from illustrating in multiple genres?

SC: I love Horror but I’ll work on anything. It’s about being creative on whatever project you are working on.

T2S: Do you do other types of art? If so, how does illustrating comic books compare to the other types of art you do? For example, what aspects to you have to prioritize or take into consideration when illustrating comics vs. other art?

SC: I love working on multiple projects. Comics, T-shirt Designs, Comic banners for conventions, Logos, and even some corporate type stuff. It’s really whatever I can get my hands on. I try to push myself in everything.

T2S: What have you illustrated that you are proudest of? Where can we see it?

SC: My Nightmare Art is what I’m most hooked on. Every story and image is based off my night terrors so it’s probably the most honest I can be with myself and the audience.

T2S: Some artists will argue that writing is the easiest part of any comics project. Do you agree or disagree?

SC: I think everything about Comics is hard. It’s just about doing the best work you can.

T2S: What writer would you give your eye-teeth to work with?

SC: Garth Ennis 

T2S: Thanks Steve! And there you have it. Join Steve and the rest of the crew in The HIEROGRAPH. (Volume 4 to be specific).

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