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February 02

Professor Roentgen's Mysterious Rays

We take X-Rays and Cat Scans for granted these days, but it wasn't that long ago that these things were unheard of.  In 1895, a humble scientist name Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen changed the face of modern medicine when he discovered a new type of ray.  Roentgen did not set out to revolutionize the world. He did not have it in mind to become a great inventor or scientist. A humble man, he merely sought truth; the hidden paths that are there for all to see if they only know where to look. Sometimes, that truth will show itself shyly, chastely inviting you to take a closer look. And that closer look can come to define your life.  In many ways, he felt the world was already revolutionized.  The advent of the Crookes Tube marked a turning point in his life that forced him to delve into its secrets as if he was rooting out the meaning of life itself…or of love.  Roentgen never wanted fame. The fame and recognition he received would often leave him distraught. The thought of streets, institutions and even children named after him was at times too much to bear. While dedicating a large portion of his life to one pursuit, he knew did not invent his wondrous ray…he had merely been the first to see it for what it was. Without a doubt, Roentgen remains the father of not only radiology, but of all medical imaging that has built upon his work, upon his “mysterious” ray. How Roentgen would have marveled at the sheer number of ways we can now view not only the human body, but the structure of materials and even the structure of existence itself.  Roentgen’s life shows what one can do when not motivated by money, fame and greed. Much too often now is research mired by politics, the pursuit of grants and misleading results produced only to engender the accolades of an unsuspecting populace.  Roentgen left an eternal legacy to us all that was founded on nothing more than truth, beauty and love.

Professor Roentgen's Mysterious Rays chronicles his passion that led to a marvelous discovery.  A full color 36 page comic book geared toward the scientifically curious, both young and old, written by Anthony Garcia and beautifully illustrated by Zhongping Chem, this book is a first installment seeking to present the people who made history in the field of Science.  

For Young Adults, and readers of All Ages.