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January 06

An Interview With "The Frog Princess" Creator, Jeff Loew

eigoMANGA's Publisher Austin Osueke interviewed Jeff Loew, the creator of "The Frog Princess" at Comic-Con@Home during the summer. eigoMANGA proudly announces the comic book release of “The Frog Princess”, an original comic book from writer Jeff Loew (finalist in the “Be a Visionary” contest co-sponsored by VCS and AAM/Markosia) and artist Rie Ikaza (aka “Fitri,” an acclaimed Indonesia manga artist).

Inspired by true events, “The Frog Princess” tells the story of amphibian biologist Larissa Talcott, as she fights to save her research pond from real estate developers… while her new lawyer boyfriend Liam secretly helps the developers turn the pond into a golf course. Can their romance survive? Can Larissa hold on to her ideals while Liam tries to find his own true voice? And what about the frogs? Loew and Ikaza’s graphic novel combines romantic comedy, action, drama, and fantasy, all wrapped up in a socially-conscious eco-fable — in a formula destined to prove irresistible to shojo manga fans and all fans of character-driven storytelling.

“The concept for ‘The Frog Princess’ came about when I learned that a local university was scrambling to save its biology labs after a change in the water supply threatened every amphibian on campus,” explains writer Loew, whose work has been featured in the Judge Dredd Megazine, Arcana’s Dark Horrors, eigoMANGA’s Sakura Pakk, and in a weekly column for comics news website Broken Frontier. “Starting from this basic conflict, the characters and situations just sprang to life.”

Along with the fictionalized conflict of saving Larissa’s research pond, “The Frog Princess” deals with the real, broader issue of the drastic decline in the world’s amphibian populations.

“When Jeff brought ‘The Frog Princess’ to us, I knew it was something eigoMANGA wanted to be a part of,” says Austin Osueke, eigoMANGA’s publisher. “Larissa and Liam face conflicts we all can relate to. They’re rekindling a relationship while realizing they may share different values. They’re each facing the clash between their ideals and the pragmatic pursuit of success. You can’t help but read on to find out how it’s all going to end. Or to see what ridiculous situation they’ll stumble into next.”