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FAME: Pride: Pete Buttigieg, Anderson Cooper, Tom Daley, Freddie Mercury and Ryan Murphy - Volume 1 (Preview)

Biography TidalWave 2.4K 18th May, 2021


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Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, is the son of intellectuals. After graduating from Harvard and studying as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, Pete became the nation’s youngest mayor and the first openly gay candidate for President of the United States. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the silver fox, Anderson Cooper, chose to follow his journalism passion with a vengeance. Freddie Mercury was a British musician, singer, and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the iconic rock band Queen. Ryan Murphy, the creator of the enduring television shows Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story, and Glee, came out as gay to his first therapist. The therapist declared him “too precious for his own good.” So is his work. Tom Daley, British diver Tom Daley made quite a splash at the 2012 Olympic Games with his winning personality and dedication to LGBTQ activism. This 96-page graphic novel will make you feel more pride.

Category: Biography

Available Date: Jun 2021

ISBN: 9781005859466

Print Size: 6.625 x 10.25

Book Format: Graphic Novel

Variant Cover: No

Pages: 104

Internal Printing: Color

Cover Paper Quality: 80# Gloss Cover

Interior Paper Quality: 50# Uncoated Text

Printer: Ka-Blam

Printer Location: 7041 Grand National Dr. Suite 122 Orlando FL 32819

Suggested Audience: All Ages

Name of Creator: Darren G. Davis

Name of Studio: Tidalwave Productions

Production Team Credits: Writer: Michael Frizell, Michael Troy, Mike Lynch, CW Cooke Artist: Alex Schumacher, Jason Moser, Manuel Díaz, Beniamino Bradi

Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

Language: English

FAME: Pride: Pete Buttigieg, Anderson Cooper, Tom Daley, Freddie Mercury and Ryan Murphy - Volume 1
Selling Point: Stand strong. Be loud. Be proud. This unique graphic novel is a tribute to the lives and accompaniments of those who are proud to stand up for those who aren’t afraid to live authentically.