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  • The Steve Cobb Interview
    June 07

    The Steve Cobb Interview

    T2S Creator Interview Steve Cobb We recently had an opportunity to explore the nightmarish mind of artist and two-time HIEROGRAPH contributor Steve Cobb. We asked him the same inane questions we ask everyone. Here's what he had to...

  • Creator Spotlight - The HIEROGRAPH
    February 12

    Creator Spotlight - The HIEROGRAPH

    The Hierograph is our anthology series geared toward spotlighting Indie Comic Creators.  Each issue is 80-100 pages of Indie comic fun in full color and black & white, just as their creators intended.  No submission to the anthology is...

  • Professor Roentgen's Mysterious Rays
    February 02

    Professor Roentgen's Mysterious Rays

    We take X-Rays and Cat Scans for granted these days, but it wasn't that long ago that these things were unheard of.  In 1895, a humble scientist name Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen changed the face of modern medicine when he discovered a new type of ray.  R...

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