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Communion - Issue 1 (Preview)

Action / Adventure TidalWave 492 29th Apr, 2021


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A thousand years ago, the Ekurians attacked the planet Aathma but were repelled by a mysterious force channeled through a suit of armor forged from a mysterious metal. Since then, the story has become a myth, the old gods thought dead, and the armor lost. Can Rhiannon, the first woman to inherit the right to wear it, find the pieces and save her people in time?

Category: Action / Adventure

Available Date: Jun 2021

UPC: 9781005113865

Print Size: 6.625 x 10.25

Book Format: Comic Book

Variant Cover: No

Pages: 28

Internal Printing: Black and White

Cover Paper Quality: 80# Gloss Text

Interior Paper Quality: 50# Uncoated Text

Printer: Toledo Global Services

Printer Location: 95 Cabot St, West Babylon, NY 11704

Suggested Audience: Teen

Name of Creator: Darren G. Davis

Name of Studio: TidalWave Productions

Production Team Credits: Writer: Michael Frizell Artist: Neil Chenier

Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

Language: English

Communion - Issue 1
Selling Point: A new one-shot from the creator of the 10th Muse.