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10th Muse: New Beginnings - Volume 1 (Preview)

Action / Adventure TidalWave 266 16th May, 2023


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The world met Emma Sonnet, the 10th Muse, 22 years ago when she debuted in the 6th highest-selling comic book of all time. After a personal tragedy, Emma leaves San Francisco behind, hoping for a new start. But while Emma struggles to find her place in New York City, a new villain, Axial, attacks, kidnapping Dawn and threatening Emma’s new life. Orchestrating her fall is Hellfire, who possesses the Greek pantheon to aid her in destroying Zeus and the Muses. With the fate of the Greek pantheon hanging in the balance, it’s Hellfire versus Zeus! Dawn versus Axial! The 10th Muse receives a power upgrade to fight Hellfire! Collecting 10th Muse: New Beginnings #’s 1-4, TidalWave’s latest ongoing series starts here!

Category: Action / Adventure

Available Date: Nov 2023

ISBN: 9798215591710

Print Size: 6.625 x 10.25

Book Format: Graphic Novel

Variant Cover: No

Pages: 104

Internal Printing: Color

Cover Paper Quality: 80# Gloss Cover

Interior Paper Quality: 50# Uncoated Text

Printer: Ka-Blam

Printer Location: 7041 Grand National Dr. Suite 122 Orlando FL 32819

Suggested Audience: All Ages

Name of Creator: Darren G. Davis

Name of Studio: Tidalwave Productions

Production Team Credits: Writer: Darren G. Davis, Michael Frizell; Artists: Igor Cicarini

Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

Language: English

10th Muse: New Beginnings - Volume 1