Jungle Comics - Issue 21 (Preview)

Action / Adventure AntarcticPress 453 10th Nov, 2023


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"The Adventures of Zan the Jungle Lord" (Giuseppe Pederiali, Roberto Renzi, and Bruno Marraffa), "Malika" (Dara Naraghi, Andy Bennett) "The Adventures of Zan the Jungle Lord" (Giuseppe Pederiali, Roberto Renzi, and Bruno Marraffa): King Sukar intends to make Sinda his wife as she resists his advances. However, if she does not do as is told, she will meet a horrible fate. Meanwhile, Zan sneaks into the city but confronts a monster ape. "Malika" (Dara Naraghi, Andy Bennett): The Congo Free State, 1895. A nation privately owned by King Leopold II of Belgium, its people and resources exploited for his personal coffers. But there is a native protector of this land, as beautiful and deadly as the jungle that bore her: Malika, Jungle Queen.

Category: Action / Adventure

Available Date: Nov 2023

Product Code: N/A

Print Size: 6.625 x 10.25

Book Format: Comic Book

Variant Cover: No

Pages: 36

Internal Printing: Black and White

Cover Paper Quality: 80# Gloss Text

Interior Paper Quality: 50# Uncoated Text

Printer: ArtistExpress

Printer Location: 2090 E University Dr Suite 108, Tempe, AZ 85281

Suggested Audience: Teen

Name of Creator: Ben Dunn

Name of Studio: Antarctic Press

Production Team Credits: (Writer) VARIOUS (Artist) VARIOUS (Cover Artist) N8 Van Dyke

Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States

Language: English

Jungle Comics - Issue 21