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God Drug - Issue 0 (Preview)

Alternative eigomanga 772 5th Jan, 2021


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Tom, Sparrow, and friends discover the LSD they took was created by the government in order to endow soldiers with mental telepathy, but instead it gives them the power to change reality, and they can't control it. A stranger arrives in town, the beautiful Hanna, being pursued by the fanatical General, who wants to literally devour her. He comes after Tom and his friends in order to remake reality the way he wants it to be, and they fight to survive while trying to navigate an LSD-inspired apocalypse. As reality burns in a primordial fire, Tom and Sparrow have no choice but to become their true selves in order to fight the General as he wreaks havoc and kills off their friends in the punk rock scene, while protecting Hanna from being devoured. Tom and Sparrow do their best to survive the end of the world as they know it, while Hanna makes a final gambit to beat the General by proving that love does indeed conquer all.

Category: Alternative

Available Date: Feb 2021

Product Code: N/A

Print Size: 6.625 x 10.25

Book Format: Comic Book

Variant Cover: No

Pages: 16

Internal Printing: Black and White

Cover Paper Quality: 80# Gloss Text

Interior Paper Quality: 50# Uncoated Text

Printer: ArtistExpress

Printer Location: 2090 E University Dr Suite 108, Tempe, AZ 85281

Suggested Audience: Teen

Name of Creator: Stephen L. Antczak

Name of Studio: eigoMANGA

Production Team Credits: Illustrated by Pittaya Yuthrayard

Location: San Jose, California, United States

Language: English

God Drug - Issue 0
Selling Point: Based on the best-selling novel written by Stephen L. Antczak
Tags: manga